Ume Sembada was estabilished in Jakarta 1998, with a purpose to fulfill the needs of its customers.
One of the biggest customers we have had since beginning is located in Gresik – East Java.
Year by year Ume Sembada has grown to the one of the most outstanding companies that exist.
Nowadays, Ume Sembada has been supported with more than 800 employees that ready to serve each
customers with an excellent work rate and motivation.

Our mission is to develop and keep improving the business as much as we can. improving our costumers
services at all times, so that customers doesn’t need to worry about the supervision, maintenance, administration,
distribution and the consistency that will directly impact their cost efficiency.

these things will help the customers to always stay focus on their main business fully.
Fulfilling each demands will be operated by the systems that integrated skilled and well prepared human resourced,
that will refer to Standard Operating Procedure and will always putting sade workplace
first and will be supported by great and healthy management system.